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नमस्ते,  வரவேற்புநல்வரவு, வரவேற்ப

,خیر مقدم.,ਸਵਾਗਤ ਹੈ, स्वागत हे

សូមស្វាគមន៍,  స్వాగతం



Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are the fastest-growing racial group in the United States.  Despite the growing population, AAPIs are often underrepresented in political leadership and many have a limited understanding of our political process. In North Carolina, since 2012, the number of eligible AAPI voters grew by 55%, more than 6 times faster than the statewide growth rate.


About Us

Our Vision:

The Asian Pacific Islander Outreach (APIO) envisions a future where all Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and others in the North Carolina community, regardless of background, are actively engaged in shaping solutions to relevant issues through political engagement, protecting voting rights, recruitment of qualified candidates to run for political office and therefore, in the end, achieve prosperity and change in our society.   

Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote the enfranchisement and participation of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and other voters in our democratic processes and thereby attain an equitable and just society, improving the lives of our community by connecting, learning, and acting together for the better good.

Our Purpose:

The main purpose of the organization is to educate Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) citizens and others in the North Carolina community of their legal and civil rights and how to exercise these rights, including how to register to vote, understand the importance of voting, and engage in the political process within the community.

Image by Neil Thomas

Support Us

You Can Make a Difference

Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference with Asian Pacific Islander Outreach (APIO) right now! The support we receive is a huge driver of the good work we do in addressing some of society’s most challenging problems. Get in touch today and join our community in making a lasting impact.

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Gift of $50 will support 10 signs for GOTV message
Gift of $200 will support print supplies for voting information
Gift of $500 will  support 2 weeks of Social Media Ad buy for voting education
A gift of $1,000 will support a "Get Out The Vote" (GOTV) magazine ad
A gift of $5,000 will support a 8,000  postcard in language mailing campaign

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Contact Asian Pacific Islander Outreach (APIO)


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May AAPI Heritage Month

Together We Are Strong Gala

Join us

Reception, Dinner, Entertainment

Friday, May 19, 2023

5:30 p.m.

The Friday Center

100 Friday Center Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27517








Background (AAPI Heritage Month)

In 1978, May was designated AAPI Heritage Month to highlight and recognize the rich heritage, historical and cultural contributions of individuals and groups of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) descent to the United States.

Generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have helped build our country. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have played vital roles in shaping the nation—from building the Transcontinental Railroad to advocating for Labor law changes to fighting in multiple wars.


What makes this so powerful is that AAPI’s made these contributions while also facing persistent discrimination with the rise of xenophobic, hateful, and violent attacks. North Carolina supports the AAPI community in our continued fight for justice. We will not stay silent and will not let hate win.








North Carolina AAPI

In North Carolina, the current Asian Americans Pacific Islanders population exceeds 441,000. It is the fastest-growing racial and ethnic group in our state. In fact, between 2000 and 2020, North Carolina’s Asian-American population grew by 64 percent — the fastest rate among Southern states and the third-fastest in the country. AAPI communities represent a multitude of ethnicities, and dozens of Asian languages spoken.

Gala to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

On May 19, 2023, we will be celebrating the North Carolina AAPI Heritage Month with a Gala. The celebration will be held at Friday Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The gala will feature musical entertainment, a reception, dinner, and a special guest. We are expecting 150-200 people to join the celebration.




Dr. Gracie Galloway AAPI Advocacy Award

At this year’s gala, we will be awarding the first ever “Dr. Gracie Galloway North Carolina AAPI Advocacy” award. For many years, Dr. Galloway has committed herself to organize the North Carolina AAPI community to be involved in State and Local politics. She is an advocate for the North Carolina AAPI individuals to have a “seat on the table” and focus on what our AAPI community needs like voting, healthcare, housing, and high-paying jobs. The award this year will go to a North Carolina AAPI who has made a difference and has worked to improve the lives of AAPI’s in North Carolina.









Guest Speaker

Delegate Kathy Tran, who is the Chair of Virginia's Legislative AAPI Caucus. Delegate Tran has one of the most inspirational stories, from being a refugee to being the first AAPI woman elected to the Virginia General Assembly. (She is a Duke Alumna).










  • Dance Performance by Sruthi Kuchipudi Dance Academy

  • Nadopasana School of Music

  • Filipino-American Performing Artists of North Carolina (FAPA-NC)

  • Gaurav Sharma (Comedian)

  • Ruby Slipper Chinese Dance Club

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